Première Avenue, l'Enfant

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. Sarah Williams



Working on childhood dedicated spaces is as much as a challenge as it is a blessing. All of us had been a kid at one point, seeing the world through candid and curious eyes, lead by nothing but our own imagination. To some, this might seem far away, but to others, the kid they were might still be in there somewhere, sometimes.

Première Avenue l’Enfant is the fourth shop that the brand aquires in the rue Millet street, in Grenoble. Following the silver lining of the previous shop designs, we decided to use back luxurious raw material such as massif polish brass and marble, in order to carve the space in the brand mood. The shop offers for sale luxury prêt-à-porter clothes sized and designed for kids, from newborn section to teenager looks.

We conceived it in the presence identity of the brand, while not taking it too seriously.

The volume of the existing shop wasn’t valued. We first conforted the existing divided space by clearly making a difference of the two shapes from the left to the right.

The first space possesses a pretty high celling, and the main façade from the street. It is into this space that the custumer step in. It is also this location that attract the most attention from the outside. We used the eight and transform a entire wall and the ceilling into a stellar ensemble, with rising stars from the floor and a constellated sky, making it cosmologic. To enhance this feeling, a gigantic sun was applied on top and façade of the comptoir desk. Linéart, woodworker and cabinet maker entreprise, crafted a high brass marquetery on it, to make it appears like it is constantly rising, in dialogue with the nighty mood of the ceilling.

The second area shows up behind the desk to the left. Like a background stage, it is composed with shelving that disapears in the baby blue lead colors of walls and ceilling, themself hided behing lighty red camieu velvet curtains.

Massives brass details are sublty positioned around the whole spaces, as hooks and hanger. They match the stars in the first area while they pop from the curtains on the left. This way, they promote to enlight clothes, accessoiries, and tenues on top on the retail global design.

Mobile furnitures named « plots » move onto both spaces following collections and arrivals, making it versatile and shifting when in need.











Big up to the team and thanking to Mr O.B. that make this realisation possible despite the sanitary situation.

Pictures courtesy of Michel Lafleur, @laf_leur.

Mission :  Full part
Year :  2020
Type :  Retail design of a luxury prêt-à-porter shop
Team - Design :  MDLRZ, architecture & design
Location :  Grenoble, France
Scale :  42 sqm
Cost :  69k€
Team - Craft :
Lineart Entreprise, woodwork La Forge de Chartreuse, ironwork JLA Concept, plaster, painting, floors Lelievre, furnishing velvet and silk Papermint, wallpaper