L'Homme, de Première Avenue

Sometime, you've got to go beyond the breaking point, and then you catch it. Steve McQueen




Before its renovation the small boutique, located in the French Alps in the heart of Grenoble, was willowy, confined, and dark.

Our approach was to divide into three distinct spaces, each corresponding to a specific shopping experience.

The showroom, La Posture, named after a Steve McQueen picture and situated at the entrance, was wide, white, and pure.

The second space, Le Bijou, was a rags-to-riches space, where the confined restriction was transformed into a surprising wonderland of shoes and accessories.

Finally, came the hidden heart of the shop, Le Boudoir, a dark cocoon, where the visitor could stop for a second, enjoy the sofa, whilst surrounded by smells of coffee and spices.

A massive cork flooring lead the way throughout every space. The immense, polished brass details was the golden thread throughout the boutique, finding its way through special touches and executing in different shapes, objects and details.


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A special thank to our client Mr LM, for the confidence he put on the team, and for the inspiring rigor and determination of his willings. An other thank to the beautiful minds we met on the way, especially Mr J.C. Landru, of la Forge de Chartreuse, and Mr N. Velasquez, of Linéart, with whom, we continue over the years to sail through new oceans.

Photographies courtesy of laf_leur.

Mission :  Full Services
Year :  2017
Type :  Intérior design, retail and branding for a luxury prêt-à-porter menswear shop
Team - Design :  mdlrz, architecture & design
Location :  Grenoble, France
Scale :  70sqm
Cost :  70k€
Team - Craft :
La Forge de Chartreuse
Davin Frères Plomberie
Anne Lavit