L'Heure du Conte

Le monde réel s'efface d'un coup quand on va vivre dans la maison du souvenir. Gaston Bachelard



Antoine Cardi BMVR 09-2017 installation espace conte BMVR -24

In 2016, the city of Caen in Normandy organized a public competition in which applicants had to furnish five spaces located in the then under-construction BMVR Alexis de Tocqueville public library, designed by OMA Architects. My studio teamed up with Nicolas Paolozzi (Module Digital Art) to provide both design and construction services for the early-childhood themed space.

On the last floor, demarcated by a movable light blue curtain, was the area for children’s storytelling. As we designed the atmosphere of the room, we wanted the light to serve as an abstract object that would enable the children to transport themselves into the very stories that they read. We created an interactive structure that would allow the storyteller to control the atmosphere of the space whilst relating the story.

We concentrated on three customized atmospheric themes: daytime versus evening, variant colors, and dynamic lighting. These effects allowed the viewer to travel to a hot day in the Sahara Desert, then into the calm night of a summer’s sky deep in the mountains, or even to the feeling of excitement when emotions are high.












A special thank to Jeanne LE LIEVRE with who we adapted the design to the OMA willings, for her clear vision and advises through the building.


160907 CAEN détails luminaire-mdlrz-module

Photographies courtesy of Antoine Cardi.

Mission :  Conception-Construction (public competition won)
Year :  2016
Type :  Conception-construction of a lighting scenography for the whildhood section of the Caen public librairy, BMVR by OMA Architects
Team - Design :  - mdlrz : Maud Laronze, architecture & design - Module Digital Art, Nicolas Paolozzi
Location :  Caen, France
Scale :  NC
Cost :  12 k€
Team - Craft :

mdlrz : Maud Laronze, architecture & design
Module Digital Art, Nicolas Paolozzi