Les Toits du Parc

*Et maintenant, au coeur de la nuit comme un veilleur, il découvre que la nuit montre l'homme.* Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Saint-Cloud is a suburbian town of west-side's Paris metropolis.

Ms & Mr J. had just moved from their house to a peirched duplex overhanging the beautiful Saint-Cloud parc. They wanted to shape it their way by little interventions.

The atelier worked on touches, mostly by creating sequences with sur-mesure furnitures, threslhod, passages, arches, steps. The old cheminy was demolished to be replaced by an open fireplace linking the living room, the kitchen, the stair and the entrance.

Other part of the projet consisted on getting a position to the furniture and art collection of the family, including such diversity as cabinet-making pieces, paintings, lightings.

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Photographies courtesy of Remy Barreyat.

Mission :  Part services
Year :  2017
Type :  Interior design and furnishing design for an appartement renovation
Team - Design :  MDLRZ, architecture & design
Location :  Saint-Cloud, France
Scale :  108sqm
Cost :  68k€