Les Objets Éternels

Pour nous, cette clarté là sur un mur, ou plutôt cette pénombre, vaut tous les ornements du monde et sa vue ne nous lasse jamais. Tanizaki Junichirô




Since 2018, MDLRZ had been collaborating with Lyon-based editors Folks-Folks with design collections. Here are the COLD shelf, from the Eternal Objects serie. Made in Coublevie, in the French Alps, by genious ironworker Jean-Charles Landru of La Forge de Chartreuse, those shelf are made out of folded massive polished brass.

When the light touches it, the reflexion operates above the surface where the shelf is seeled on, and creates a lighting shadow.

The Eternal Objects serie is made out of metal alloys. It is named “eternal” thank to its primary condition, that allow it, first, to be polished again and again, to cross the ages and the generations of people, and second, to be melted down at 100% and be transformed in a totally different piece when it is time for it to go.





Special thank to Marie Gireud & Thais Gaillard for their confidence and their joyful energy of all times !


Photographies courtesy of Ghislain Mirat for Folks-Folks, and lafleur.

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