La Forge Musicale

*(...) chacun de leur geste pour poser la pierre dans le mortier est accompagné d'une ombre de geste qui pose une ombre de pierre dans une ombre de mortier. Et c'est la bâtisse d'ombre qui compte.* Jean Giono



The old forge of Massieu is part of the history of the village. Constructued in pisé (pressed earth) and stone frame, it could not be refurbished without any study over the material.

The command consisted in transmorfing it into a music atelier, wich added some complexity to the work, by presenting an acoustic subject to the conception.


Working with different craftsmen directed the studies to creating "a space inside the inside", totally structurally and technically autonomous. This shift allowed the structure to be impervious to sound waves, meanwhile letting the pisé shelter "breath" by not being connected to it directly.


A special thank to Rainier Villeton for his will and determination, and his constant idea of an efficient project. An other thank to the great craft team, for their patience and their confidence over the stirs : Thierry Belmain, Christophe Brotel, Olivier François, Romain Del Giust, Théo Mellouli.


Photographies courtesy of laf_leur.

Mission :  Full Services
Year :  2018
Type :  Transformation of a pisé structured forge from 1820s
Team - Design :  MDLRZ, architecture & design
Location :  Massieu, France
Scale :  66sqm
Cost :  52k€
Team - Craft :
Charpenterie Durable
DG Menuiserie
Reno Bati
Olivier François
Thierry Belmain