La Femme, de Première Avenue

Celui qui a visité dix fois une cathédrale a vu quelque chose ; celui qui a visité une seule fois dix cathédrales n'a pas vu grand-chose. Sinclair Lewis



Première Avenue is an almost two decades old brand operating solely in Grenoble. The shop is known for its luxury prêt-à-porter men’s, women’s, and kidswear as well as, parfum de niche and candlework.

Our collaboration with Mr. LM back in 2017 on its menswear boutique led to a series of works and collaborations on other boutiques.

Their boutique, La Femme, is one of the most emblematic luxury shops in Grenoble, staying open for over 10 years. The shop lacked modern and spacious fitting rooms. To reimagine the fitting rooms, we decided to open up the space while still maintaining the rough walls and floors intact.

To unify the aesthetic of the shops, we developed massive polished brass in three different shapes. First, were three tubular hangers that appeared directly in front of the visitor in the main space, creating a gilded visual perspective.

From the room’s entrance, the light and delicate tubular hangers dialogue with the immense dark steel already existing in the room, creating both intimacy and presentation on the glass cases.

A large brass mirror claustra stretches above monochromatic light and hues of bright blue, hiding behind it the confidential testing rooms. The mix of materials including brass, mirrored glass, steel, velvet, and lacquer leads the place into a new dimension of time and space.

We maintained the original counter and dressed it with polished black, Marquina marble.

The antiquity of the space and local laws forced us to keep the air cooling system visible. We, of course, used it to our advantage, and made it shine. Our covering technique transformed the galvanized aluminum tubes into a bright, golden event.

PAF-7-mdlrz-sophierodriguez PAF-sophierodriguez-mdlrz-10

Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-26

Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-40Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-35

Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-56-minPAF-6-mdlrz-sophierodriguez

Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-47-minSophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-60-min


PAF-11-mdlrz-sophierodriguezSophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-63-minSophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-76-min

Sophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-80-min

PAF-10-mdlrz-sophierodriguezSophie Rodriguez - MDLRZ-28-min



The renovation was completed in the middle of august 2019, in 5 weeks of time.

A huge thank to the craftsmen team that knew how to alliance rigor, quality and fun all over the weeks : Norbert Velasquez, Jean-Charles Landru, Christophe Brotel, Jean-Philippe Jourdan, Eric Stanislas, Mathieu Arnoux.


Photographies courtesy of Sophie Rodriguez.

Mission :  Full Services
Year :  2019
Type :  Renovation, interior design, furniture design of a luxury women prêt-à-porter boutique
Team - Design :  MDLRZ, architecture & design
Location :  Grenoble, France
Scale :  90sqm
Cost :  80k€
Team - Craft :
La Forge de Chartreuse
Pariat Marbrerie