Isn't it there already ?

About Architecture

Beauty is accessible to those willing to receive it. Architecture is everywhere. 

It exists and permeates not only cotidian construction, but also our landscapes, wilderness, experiences, and time. We seek two key components from our environment: we want it to shelter us and speak to us about whatever it is that we find important and whatever we wish to be reminded of.

As humans, we are capable of feelings and interpretation. Our minds constantly develop connections between actual life and fleeting memories. The world in which we act is in perpetual revival. This is the founding principle of our surroundings. I ensure that each project leads to a new perception of the practice, enhancing the relationship between humans and wildlife while maintaining careful consideration of how we both live comfortably within nature and also respect it. This balance cultivates new pathways in our journey as architects. My position both in the field and in the work results in a dynamic and perpetual renewal. We are iterative--constantly in search of a better way.

France has an extremely rich and diversified patrimony. Growing in Grenoble, a city constrained by its own geography and forced to build upon itself, shaped my architectural vision. I believe that every context calls for its own definition. Each project is unique, carried by what is already there and how different perspectives invoke a different, intimately personal story. We value existing structures and proven contexts.

In 2011, I embarked on a cultural journey geographically far from home to study architecture at the Universidad de la República in Montevideo. Uruguay was small, humble, green, reliant on both land and sea, and it reshaped my perception forever. This quote from my professor, Diego Campandeguy, still echoes with me, “Los que se visten de rayados aceptan que son medio rayados,” which I roughly interpreted to mean, “...those who wear stripes, accept that they’re a bit obsessive.” I would say that it is our intuition that guides the work. These obsessions serve to enhance the process and the resulting design, focusing each time more and more on sustainability and comfort to improve the quality of life itself, in all of its forms.

To Transmit

Architecture is thought of as the first art form--and the only one inhabited. Its condition makes it technological, social, political, and environmental. Today, depending on its destination, a new construction allows sometimes three generations to cross its path for almost a century. Architecture cannot be taken lightly.

According to its definition, teaching is the capacity to make sure someone understands a subject, process, or method. Since 2013, I have been a teaching assistant for university courses under Professor Gilles Marty, at the National Architecture School of Grenoble (ENSAG). I hope to continue his legacy and approach that conveys that the meaning of architecture is to construct sense. We try to make young, future architects understand their own processes of making sense of land, landscapes, and views for an existing context and/or for people, through the act of conceiving architecture.

To the earth and beyond.